AXA has teamed up with the Strasbourg campus to support developments in nanomedicine

AXA Research Fund supports research that addresses very real issues, particularly in the field of health.

In 2009, an endowment of €2.25m from AXA helped the FRC and the Strasbourg research community find an exceptional researcher who was able to rise to the challenges set by AXA: Luisa De Cola, one of the world’s leading academics.

The creation of the supramolecular chemistry chair and the calibre of the FRC’s investments has provided long-term funding for Luisa De Cola’s research.


An alternative to standard chemotherapy

Luisa De Cola is developing nanocontainers that can transport drugs, DNA, or enzymes to targeted infected cells, providing an alternative to standard chemotherapy and a step forward in the search for new treatments for age-related illnesses.

The laboratory is also working with the prestigious IRCAD (Institute of Gastrointestinal Cancer Research) in Strasbourg to develop a hydrogel that can repair injuries that can currently only be treated with surgery.

De Cola has brilliantly demonstrated her ability to get results in applied research and medicine.

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Donor testimonials

“Luisa De Cola has surpassed our expectations: she has been widely published and has also started a company to capitalise on her research. Her startup, SiBreaX, develops hydrogels made from silicate nanoparticles for compound delivery. Her work provides promising prospects for new treatments and a new therapeutic approach using nanomedicine, which seems to already be within reach after only a few years.”
Marie Bogataj
Director, AXA Research Fund
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