From Research Excellence to Innovation

An innovative university with strong international recognition

With its 500-year history, the University of Strasbourg remains a resolutely modern institution. Innovative and pioneering in many fields, our university is a leader in the international arena.

active Nobel Prize winners,
including 4 in chemistry
European University for its impact on innovation*
in chemistry in the European Union
The only French university in the top 50 in chemistry (2022 Shanghai ranking)

*Ranked before Harvard, CalTech, Yale, Cambridge and Oxford by the  2017 Nature Index Innovation 
(A study that draws the link between high quality research and the commercialization of new products and services)

University of Strasbourg selected as innovative pilot campus in 2018

The main objective is to set a roadmap for other universities that would like to bring innovations to the table.

University of Strasbourg awarded Pôle universitaire d'innovation (PUI) in 2021

A label with a budget of €1M to increase the visibility of technology transfer opportunities and facilitate public-private partnerships.

« Selecting Strasbourg to talk about innovation was a kind of evidence [...], at the cutting edge of science, where today's impossible prepares future use. »
Frédérique Vidal
Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (2018)

Nobel Prize winners
and what else ?

A very attractive chemistry research cluster for the new generation of international top researchers.

of all the ISIS** recruited young researchers since 2010 have been granted an ERC Starting Grant***

**Institut de Science et d’Ingénierie Supramoléculaires

*** Highly prestigious European scientific excellence grants awarded to the most promising young researchers (average success rate: 12 %)