Research areas

The chemistry research hub in Strasbourg enjoys a strong influence within the socio-economic world. The research conducted by the laboratories continues to attract companies in the field, and the Foundation works to promote these interactions. Behind the discipline of “chemistry” lie research efforts at the heart of societal challenges related to ecological transition as well as health.

In Strasbourg, over forty research teams in chemistry and related fields are working on topics that hold promising innovations to reduce our environmental impact, such as new energy technologies, carbon capture and storage, sustainable and high-performance materials, green and bio-based chemistry, and more.

Located at the heart of a unique health innovation ecosystem recognized internationally, the University of Strasbourg is a key player in the field of new medical technologies, relying on an interdisciplinary approach where chemists and biologists collaborate daily on the same site.

Designed as a genuine tool for cooperation between university laboratories and the socio-economic world, the Foundation provides companies with a range of scientific expertise from the University of Strasbourg, structured around industrial issues. The objective is to co-develop fundamental research programs that not only generate new eco-responsible concepts but also develop solutions adapted to the challenges faced by the industries involved in the project.


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