The "Tous Nobels!" campaign

"Tous Nobels!": an ambitious campaign!

Encouraged by the unprecedented success of their first campaign (2010-2014), which raised €22.5 million, in 2018 the University of Strasbourg Foundation and the FRC launched a second major campaign to raise money for the University of Strasbourg and Strasbourg University Hospitals.

« Tous Nobels ! » is the most ambitious joint fundraising campaign to be run by a French university and university hospital. 4,7 M€ were collected in 2021, bringing to 51,1 M€ the total of donations collected since 2008 from 5 265 donors. Thus, the campaign’s objective of €50 million by the end of 2022 has been exceeded one year early. We are delighted with this unique result for a French university campus.

This campaign was intended to address major societal challenges. Whether it is diagnosing and treating liver cancer, expediting research into new sustainable materials, understanding and dealing with pain, making it easier to live with chronic illness, caring for children suffering from rare diseases, or helping students in financial difficulty, all the projects centre on three major themes: Science without borders ; Welcome, support, and assist ; Dare to invent and innovate

"Tous Nobels!": chemistry projects taking shape

Institut du médicament de Strasbourg

Three complementary hubs integrated into a single body, the only one of its kind in Europe: a drug research centre, a drug innovation management school, and a centre of innovation and development dedicated to helping startups grow.

L'Institut de Recherche & Formation pour la chimie 4.0

When cutting-edge research and exemplary education come together to support ambitious projects leading to progress in the fields of health, the environment, and IT.

Scholarships to support students

These grants help young people who are in financial difficulty and have an impeccable academic record through an important stage in their lives.