Awards and honours

Strasbourg: a major scientific hub and a breeding ground for excellence

The chemistry research cluster in Strasbourg is part of a long tradition of excellence. Louis Pasteur, Nobel Prize winners Emil Fisher, Jean-Marie Lehn, Martin Karplus and more recently, Jean-Pierre Sauvage, are all renowned scientists who have their place in Strasbourg’s history. The University of Strasbourg, in partnership with the CNRS and INSERM, is a centre of scientific excellence in chemistry and was ranked number one in the European Union by the 2022 ARWU league table. A competitive spirit pervades this community of researchers from more than 50 different countries, teams that interact on a daily basis on ambitious subjects that encompass chemistry, biology, physics and medicine, and which have regularly garnered an impressive array of prizes.

Awards and prizes

active Nobel Prize winners in chemistry, including one in 2016

The Nobel Prize is awarded each year to personalities “who have brought the greatest benefit to humanity”.

ERC winners, including 13 since 2017

A powerful and innovative initiative to promote European research and a strong international recognition for pioneering research.

CNRS Medals, including the Gold Medal in 2019

The CNRS Medals celebrate the researchers and officials for their outstanding contributions to the organisation’s vitality and reputation.

2014 Kavli Prize laureate in Nanosciences

A prestigious prize awarded to outstanding scientific work in the field of nanosciences.