Scientific advances in the field of materials

Light-controlled nanomachines. These photomechanical devices are precursors to the smart materials of tomorrow, following on from the research carried out by Jean-Pierre Sauvage (2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry).

Prof Nicolas Giuseppone
Professor at the Charles Sadron Institute (ICS)

Recipient of an ERC grant. 7 patents filed, including one in conjunction with the Firmenich SA industrial group.

Molecules that can form fibres by consuming nutrients: an artificial material similar to living matter that can perform complex biological functions such as cell division.

Prof. Thomas Hermans
Professor at the Nonequilibrium Complex Systems Laboratory

Voted one of the world’s top 21 scientists under 40 by the World Economic Forum (2019).
Cofounder of the startup Qfluidics.

Synthetic polymers containing coded messages, a molecular label for authenticating and tracing various materials and products.

Dr. Jean-François Lutz
CNRS Research Director at the Charles Sadron Institute (ICS)

Winner of the CNRS silver medal for his pioneering role in precision macromolecular chemistry. 10 patents filed.

Next-generation electroluminescent transistors
for making screens with a resolution that is 3,000 times better than the most powerful Retina screens.

Membranes made from graphene and related materials to effectively purify water by eliminating toxic pollutants such as ions, particles, and micro-organisms.

Prof. Paolo Samori
Professor & Director of the Institute of Supramolecular Science and Engineering (ISIS)

Recipient of four ERC grants, including two ERC Proof of Concept grants for developing a prototype for a pioneering screen and membranes for purifying water.

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