Scientific advances in health

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Some examples of substantial scientific advances made by the Strasbourg research teams include:

A phase 3 drug to treat lupus, an autoimmune disease that affects more than 5 million people

Prof. Sylviane Muller
Professor emeritus at the Institute of Supramolecular Science and Engineering (ISIS)

Winner of the CNRS innovation medal. Cofounder of Immupharma (company listed on the London and Brussels stock exchanges).

New technology created by the European company Xeltis uses Jean-Marie Lehn’s research to make cardiovascular implants made from polymers that adapt as the patient develops to avoid the need for multiple risky operations. Clinical trials on 18 children have produced very promising results.

Prof. Jean-Marie Lehn
Professor emeritus at the Institute of Supramolecular Science and Engineering (ISIS)

1987 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Founder of the ISIS. 30 patents filed and 4 startups created (Normoxys, In Cell Art, AC Immune, and ALSATECH).

Polymer-based ultra-bright fluorescent nanoparticles for quick and easy detection of nucleic acids (tumour markers inside cells) with the aim of improving early diagnosis of cancer.

Dr. Andrey Klymchenko
CNRS Research Director at the Bioimaging and Pathologies Laboratory

Recipent of two ERC grants, including an ERC Proof of Concept grant for developing fluorescent probes for nucleic acids.

Dendritic and magnetic nanoparticles for early diagnosis and targeted treatment. Nanomedicine is revolutionising the way we treat cancerous tumours.

Dr. Delphine Felder
CNRS Research Scientist at the Strasbourg Institute of Physics and Chemistry of Materials (IPCMS)

7 patents filed. Cofounder of Superbranche.


Molecules targeting BDNF-TrkB, in the pursuit of a treatment for Huntington’s disease, a neurodegenerative disease with no therapeutic solution and for which only treatments to reduce symptoms are available.

Dr. Didier Rognan
CNRS Research Director at the Therapeutic Innovation Laboratory

Head of Cheminformatics at ChemBioFrance, the national chemical library, dedicated to discovering bioactive molecules. 5 patents filed. Cofounder of Biodol Therapeutics

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