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Innovative Training in Complex Systems Chemistry Supported by Companies

The University Research School for Complex Systems Chemistry offers multidisciplinary training complemented by initiation into the research and development issues of concern to companies. The impact of this emerging discipline established within an exceptional research cluster has not escaped the business community’s notice.

Complex Systems Chemistry is an emerging discipline that originated in Strasbourg, developing from the work of Professor Jean-Marie Lehn, Nobel Prize laureate in Chemistry and pioneer of the field. At the interface of chemistry, biology, materials sciences and nanosciences, the discipline has numerous applications in the fields of sustainable development (sustainable, biodegradable, self-repairing materials, etc.), health (nanomedicine, diagnostic tools, anti-pathogenic materials, etc.) and data processing (artificial intelligence, data storage, etc.)

Training through research: experience in cutting-edge laboratories

Within Strasbourg’s exceptional research cluster devoted to this field, comprising laboratories with a global reputation, the University Research School for Complex Systems Chemistry was established in 2018. Now under the umbrella the SysChem Interdisciplinary Thematic Institute (ITI), the integrated Masters and Doctorate programme, delivered in English, offers a multidisciplinary chemistry curriculum to highly talented students recruited internationally. It stands out by offering 14 months of hands-on experience in cutting-edge laboratories, with training through research complemented by initiation into companies’ research and development issues, as well as training in management and leadership.

15 PhD scholarships funded

The school’s prestige and its positive impact for society and the region have not escaped the attention of Total, the Banque Populaire Régionale and the Grand Est Region, whose funds raised via the Jean-Marie Lehn Foundation, totalling 1.36 million euros, make it possible to finance 15 PhD scholarships. This funding also provides the opportunity to drive research in various domains.

Xinghan Li, an American student, developed research transforming the structure of a malaria drug into an active anti-cancer agent. Andrei Golushko, a Russian PhD student, is developing an organic electronic component on a nanoscopic scale, helping to reduce the environmental impact from manufacturing electronic devices, given that it requires neither extraction of minerals nor any polluting purification process.

The Jean-Marie Lehn Foundation is responsible for implementing and maintaining a long-term partnership with companies. Research is a strategic issue for industrial groups and the partnership with the school is an essential selling point for the recruitment of future talents. The contribution of patrons to the school’s funding is crucial in attracting younger generations and enabling them to develop ambitious research projects that are essential in addressing the major challenges faced by society.

In numbers

The Complex Systems Chemistry research school:

  • 37 students
  • 15 nationalities
  • 75 % international students
  • 100 % of teaching in English

The SysChem Interdisciplinary Thematic Institute (ITI):

  • 300 researchers
  • Prestigious awards: 3 Nobel Prizes for chemistry, 17 ERC grants including 2 since 2021 and 10 medals from the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS)
  • 21 research projects supported since 2021 with funding worth a total of 2.4 million euros

Students from the CSC research school
Photo credit: Nis&For.