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The Graduate School in Chemistry opened in September 2018

Did you know that the Université de Strasbourg is the only university in France to have created an international school of research and innovation that detects and trains tomorrow’s leading chemists?
This French graduate school has just welcomed its first international promotion, recruited from among the very best.
The Ecole Universitaire de Recherche en Chimie (EUR Chemistry of Complex Systems) is preparing a new generation of researchers to face the profound changes facing chemistry in the years ahead and to respond to industrial and environmental challenges to come.

What if artificial intelligence in chemistry were able to reach its target with total autonomy and programme itself just like a software programme? It would represent considerable added value for industry in the development of new medicines and materials. This pioneering school in France has opened in the heart of Europe’s number one university in terms of its impact on industrial innovation, a school recognised as one of the top 20 universities in the world for chemistry.

After having been selected from among applicants all over the world, promotions of 20 students will receive multidisciplinary training, in English, and be exposed to the latest industrial R&D by the carte blanche given to companies. More than one year is specifically dedicated to experimental work in several laboratories to reinforce the students’ autonomy before they go on to prepare their thesis subjects.

Tomorrow’s leading researchers

At the heart of one of the best European universities in the field and with Jean-Marie Lehn’s teaching programme, this school will be preparing a new generation of researchers for the profound changes facing chemistry.

After an international selection process, only the best 20 students will be given a place on the Master-PhD programme each year to develop knowledge in not one single speciality as is the case in a classic master’s programme, but at the frontier of several disciplines including the fundamentals of molecular and supramolecular chemistry, from synthesis to control theory, with analytical and theoretical physics, covering all fields for the same length of time.

Given the high standard, students will do all the courses from the second year of the masters in the first year, and all teaching will be done in English. To reinforce their autonomy, they will go on to spend a year carrying out experiments in several laboratories, developing scientific intelligence on the research subjects of the teams of Nobel laureates Jean-Marie Lehn and Jean-Pierre Sauvage, and of renowned researchers such as Wais Hosseini, Jean-François Lutz, Nicolas Giuseppone, Luisa de Cola.

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