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Two new ERC Proof of Concept grants awarded in Strasbourg

This highly selective European funding was awarded to Paolo Samorì, Director of the ISIS (CNRS/Unistra) Nanochemistry Laboratory and to Andrey Klymchenko, Research Director at the Bioimaging and Pathologies Laboratory (UMR 7021 Unistra/CNRS) to explore the innovation potential of their scientific discoveries:

  • materials for purifying water
  • nanoparticles that show cancer markers

Pure water for all

Another ERC Proof of Concept grant has been awarded to Prof. Paolo Samorì for his Graphene and related materials membranes for efficient removal of toxic cations from water research project.

The GRAPHENE project will develop membranes made from graphene and related materials to effectively purify water by eliminating toxic pollutants such as ions, particles, and micro-organisms.


Nanoparticles that show cancer markers

Dr. Andrey Klymchenko, leader of an ERC Consolidator BrightSens project, has obtained an ERC Proof of Concept grant for an AmpliFISH project entitled, Ultra-bright probes for amplified fluorescence in-situ hybridisation for cancer diagnosis.

The AmpliFISH project aims to develop ultra-bright fluorescent nanoparticles for visualising target nucleic acids (RNA and DNA) inside cells with single-molecule sensitivity. The technology developed will be used for the quick and easy detection of tumour markers with the aim of improving early diagnosis of cancer.