Banque Populaire Alsace Lorraine Champagne: a strong partnership to support Strasbourg’s academic research

BPALC (Banque Populaire Alsace Lorraine Champagne) is a long-standing partner of the foundation and has supported numerous innovative research projects on the Strasbourg chemistry campus over the last 10 years. It has recently made a multi-year commitment totalling €480,000 to Strasbourg’s new Complex Systems Chemistry Graduate School and will finance thesis grants allocated to gifted students from around the world.

Conscious of the major societal challenges on the horizon, this cooperative bank based in eastern France is stepping up its support for medical research and the environment. BPALC plays a key role in the local economy and helps foster entrepreneurial spirit and ambition. Taking its lead from local socio-economic and environmental development, BPALC has been supporting health and sustainable development research projects at the University of Strasbourg since 2011.

The foundation ensures that only the highest-level scientific projects are chosen. It guarantees that its Scientific Advisory Board, composed of high-profile members of the international scientific community from outside of Strasbourg, applies an exacting process for selecting the most innovative projects.

Since 2011, BPALC has donated up to €420,000 in endowments, which provide a long-term source of funding for innovative projects. The foundation thanks BPALC for its invaluable support. The mutual trust and shared values between the two entities have driven advances in cutting-edge research: developing new antibiotics made from natural products, designing clean techniques for extracting rare metals, exploring promising ideas for energy conversion and storage, developing nanomedicine, modelling therapeutic molecules to find new drugs, and exploring new cancer treatments, to name but a few.

€900K to support the chemistry campus

This year, BPALC is once again backing the foundation and the Strasbourg campus with a donation of €480,000 for the new Complex Systems Chemistry Graduate School. The school is the only one of its kind in France and was set up by Nobel Prize winner Professor Jean-Marie Lehn and Professor Joseph Moran. This exceptional programme trains a cohort from the top 10% of the world’s chemistry students in cutting-edge fields with a strong technological impact, such as multifunctional materials, data storage, energy storage, health, and green chemistry, to create a society based on knowledge and sustainable development that requires new ways to produce and consume.

Donor testimonials

“BPALC supports and encourages the foundation’s major ambitious and innovative projects. It aims to be a bank for the people, and its dynamism and efficiency are due in large part to remaining faithful to its founders’ vision of a major regional cooperative bank. It is therefore only natural that as an important FRC partner since 2010, it would continue its partnership, signalling its desire to keep supporting these bold, enterprising men and women far into the future.”
Dominique Wein
CEO, Banque Populaire
Alsace Lorraine Champagne
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