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PHD Fellowships at the University of Strasbourg (France)

This excellence PhD fellowship is a three-year, full-time fellowship program for students who wish to pursue a doctoral degree in chemistry in an internationally leading group at the University of Strasbourg. This program is funded by the Ernest Solvay Fund and the Foundation in honor of Ernest Solvay and Guy Ourisson.

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Application deadline: December 15th 2017

Why the University of Strasbourg?

Strasbourg has a long tradition of scientific excellence, in particularly in chemistry, built through the ages by renowned scientists such as Louis Pasteur, Charles Gerhardt and Nobel Laureates Adolf von Baeyer, Emil Fischer, Hermann Staudinger, Jean-Marie Lehn and more recently Martin Karplus (2013) and Jean-Pierre Sauvage (2016). The result is that Strasbourg has always been a center of excellence in molecular science, with its top-twenty worldwide ranking. The laureates will benefit from this rich and stimulating environment to pursue their PhD.


All you need to know about the University of Strasbourg here

Strasbourg – a very pleasant place to live!


Strasbourg is an exciting place to study with over 50000 students, one of Europe’s most attractive cities and home to many European institutions. 50% of the PhD students come from abroad.

Scope of the program:

> Chemistry: science for energy, sustainability and environment
> Organic, inorganic and catalytic chemistry
> Polymer and surface chemistry
> Supramolecular chemistry
> Materials chemistry, organic electronics



Foreign students can apply for these PhD fellowships, as well as French national students, who wish to pursue their PhD research study in Strasbourg from September or October 2018.


Number of award(s):

A limited number of PhD fellowships will be available.


Submitting your application:

The entire application must be written in English by the applicants themselves.

Application must be sent online before December 15th 2017.

For any questions: