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Chemical Biology of Sorangicin (CBOS)  Nicolas Blanchard
From redox-active antimalarials to fluorescent probes for in situ real-time monitoring of oxidative stress gradients in the human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum (Acronym: fluoplasmo) Elisabeth Davioud-Charvet
Superacid-Mediated Access to Challenging Trifluoromethoxylated and other Fluoroalkylated Scaffolds (SuperFlOx) Frédéric Leroux
Microwave Spectroscopy of Spin Triangles (MiSSTri) Philippe Turek


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Nanoparticle characterization Jean-Serge Remy
Unravel mechanistic aspects using the Differential Electrochemical Mass Spectrometry Laurent Ruhlmann

Labex CSC

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Direct regiodivergent and enantioselective hydroarylation of allylic alcohols using bi-catalytic strategy with Ru-/Rh-relay and Ir-/Rh-relay Pawel Dydio
New light-activated drugs to fight melanoma cancer Valérie Heitz
Synthesis of giant uniform polymers Jean-François Lutz
Organic Synthesis and Catalysis Under Vibrational Strong Coupling Joseph Moran
Theory for Singlet Fission: From the Static Picture to Quantum Dynamics Vincent Robert
Development of new diagnostic reagents for Alzheimer’s disease that specifically target distinct amyloid polymorphs Vladimir Torbeev
Innovative Chemical Labelling Strategies for Super Resolution Imaging of Membrane Receptors in Native Tissues Thomas Grutter
Towards understanding biomineralization: a coupled multiscale theoretical and experimental approach Ersen Ovidiu
Synthetic and Optical Control of Quantum States in Molecular Qudits Mario Ruben
Towards time-resolved in situ photoelectron spectroscopy as a tool for understanding oxygen electrocatalysis in membrane water electrolysis Elena Savinova
Multi-Catalyst Systems for Energy Efficient Chemical Synthesis Amir Hoveyda


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Micro-patterned optomechanical surfaces Matteo Mauro
In-situ control over morphology in organic photovoltaics Amparo Ruiz


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Bio-recycling of Polyurethanes – Development of a green and sustainable process, based on a « bio-deconstruction/synthesis » cycle (BioCycling) Averous Luc
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